McGonagall Summons



In August 2003, five years after the Battle, the rain came down in torrents so fierce that they seemed to hang perpetually like a curtain over the castle and melt people into shadows in their very tracks. It was in a rare break in these showers and amidst the ominous rumbling of clouds that a large spotted owl took flight towards the hut across the grounds and on landing, tapped on a window ablaze with the glow from a fireplace.

It was a message he knew was imminent, and yet fervently hoped against. He absently poked at the embers in the fireplace as he read the message written in a neat, slanting hand. It was time. After draining his tea-cup and picking up his pink umbrella, Rubeus Hagrid stepped out of his hut and paused to gaze upon the castle he had served as long as he could remember. Lost in thought, he began to trudge across the grounds, toward the Headmistress’ office.

It was about three weeks ago that Professor McGonagall had asked him to recommend a suitable candidate for the Care of Magical Creatures position. Taken aback, he had asked if she were perhaps joking, and in response had received from her a look which proved she wasn’t. Later, in a moment of relative privacy that followed a slow yet generous flow of tears, Hagrid made his decision.

For decades, Hagrid had served dutifully as the Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts. Upon his expulsion from Hogwarts years ago, he had been grateful for the job — for the magnanimity of Professor Dumbledore, without which he knew not what dark, anonymous future would have thrust itself upon him. The happiest day of his life, however, was when the Headmaster asked him to take over the Care of Magical Creatures position. It was an honour beyond his ken, and every single moment on the job had brought him immeasurable joy. Yet, again he was being asked to give up something he loved. Never again would he get to share with young witches and wizards of Hogwarts, the knowledge he had amassed over years of burning his beard and blistering his hands.

Perhaps he had always known this day would come, for despite his propensity for love and devotion to magical beasts, he would never be as good as the professors who had had the opportunity to study all their lives, travel the world, and write books about what they had learned. He had been inextricably linked to Hogwarts, never having left since the business with the Chamber, and in between being Keeper of Keys and serving Hogwarts, he had somehow forgotten that he would never be equal to a proper witch or wizard. He knew this day would come, but he could scarcely believe that it was already here.

Before he had the chance to rise from his reverie, he found himself before the gargoyle that guarded the Headmistress’ office, and right beside the red-haired, freckle-faced, humanly tall and lanky image of Charlie Weasley.

“Password?” he said with a shrug.


“Welcome gentlemen. Do sit down,” said Professor McGonagall as they entered her office, which had taken on an extraordinary neatness since she had taken over as Headmistress. Sitting down, Hagrid saw Professor Dumbledore in his portrait on the wall behind the Headmistress’ chair, smiling contentedly, knitting needles moving deftly around a pair of socks. Dumbledore gave him an acknowledging wink.

He saw Professor Snape in his portrait, sitting upright and peacefully asleep. Hagrid could not recall ever seeing him this way. The portraits afforded him the temporary luxury of flashback, before McGonagall brought his attention quickly to the matter at hand.

“Thank you very much, Rubeus, for your recommendations for Care of Magical Creatures professor,” she said with a formal smile. “As you may have guessed, Mr Weasley will be taking up the position this year.”

It was not often that something knocked the wind out of Rubeus Hagrid, but right now, he felt a void opening in his chest – dark, treacherous, and seemingly bottomless – and if he didn’t act now, it would swallow everything. He had scarcely uttered a “But professor–” to begin his protest when the Headmistress cut him off.

“I have already confided in you,” she said firmly, “that while I have no misgivings about your talent as a teacher of Care of Magical Creatures, there is a greater responsibility I must entrust to you this year. Mr Weasley is already aware of the reasons, and I shall explain just as soon as Mr Potter arrives.”

“‘arry?” asked Hagrid, puzzled. What was Harry doing at Hogwarts?

Before McGonagall had the opportunity to explain, the door to her office opened and in walked Harry Potter, wearing his round glasses, and a suspicious smile on his face.

“Take a seat, Mr Potter,” said McGonagall coldly, glancing at her watch. Harry took the seat on Hagrid’s right. “I do hope you will aspire to a higher standard of punctuality for your lessons.”

“Lessons?” repeated Hagrid, thoroughly confused.

“Oh yes,” said McGonagall. “You will be happy to know that Mr Potter will be joining us as Defence Against the Dark Arts professor.”

Though he was still bewildered, Hagrid managed to glance proudly at the new Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, who had once been a newborn in his arms, a student in his lessons, a leader in his fight, and a dear friend.

“Now while I understand that you must be very proud,” said McGonagall, always efficient, “we should be getting on with the purpose of this meeting. As I was saying, Rubeus, there is a rather important task I have for you, due to which you will not be teaching this year… or indeed for the following three years.”

The sinking, hollow feeling in the middle of his chest was back. This was no temporary arrangement. It was then that they came back to him — all those conversations he had had with himself in a little mirror, trying to convince himself that this was what was best for Hogwarts. All those things didn’t seem to matter. Before he knew it, he was fighting tears. He had to say something.

“Professor please…” he managed, before the first tear rolled down his cheek. Harry and Charlie exchanged nervous glances.

“My decision is final, Hagrid. This is far too important to delay any further. You are to prepare for a day of marketing in London, tomorrow. Here is a list of what you must purchase.” She handed him a small, sealed envelope.

He took it from her gently, tears streaming down his face and into his beard. He would have to make peace. He turned the envelope over to its front, and was surprised to find it so addressed:

Mr Rubeus Hagrid
The Hut at the Edge of the Forbidden Forest
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Scotland, Great Britain.

He looked up at McGonagall who was now standing. Behind her, he could see Dumbledore smiling naughtily at him from his portrait. He looked on either side, and both Charlie and Harry were giving him the same knowing smile. He turned to look once again at McGonagall, and spotting her trying to hide a smirk, he knew instantly that a plot was afoot. He tore open the envelope like he never had before, and from it emerged a letter that read as follows:

Dear Mr Hagrid,

I am pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment for a fourth-year student.

Term begins on 1 September…

He could read no further because he had begun bawling. The walls of the Headmistress’ office echoed with the sound of Hagrid’s sobs as he tried to accommodate a sea of emotion into an abnormally large yet clearly inadequate polka-dotted handkerchief. Both Harry and Charlie patted his back encouragingly. McGonagall shed a tear when she thought no one was looking. After Hagrid was finished sobbing uncontrollably, he looked once again at McGonagall.

“But… how?” he asked, knowing full well that this decision could not have been hers alone.

“It was a wrong that we never corrected. It was time. Thereafter, a single owl to Kingsley Shacklebolt’s office was enough. I am truly sorry, Rubeus, that this took so long. I’m sure you’ll do wonderfully at your O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s. Of course, Mr Potter, Mr Weasley, and all of us shall help you catch up on what you might have forgotten.”

“And when you’re finished, I’ll be on my way, and you’ll be Professor Rubeus Hagrid. For good,” said Charlie.

Hagrid had never been a half-giant of words, but he had also never been quite as speechless as he was now.

“Also, you shouldn’t be needing that dreadful umbrella anymore,” said McGonagall. “I’m sure Mr Potter will be happy to accompany you to Diagon Alley to purchase your new equipment for the start of term.”

Hagrid looked once again at Harry, his face soaked in tears. Harry beamed at him and nodded vigorously. Containing himself no longer, Hagrid stood and engulfed Harry in a gigantic hug, raising him at least a foot off the ground and almost crushing his ribs. It matters not. His heart was in the right place. After what Harry must have thought was an eternity, Hagrid released him, and stood looking at his mischievous green eyes, knowing full well whose idea all of this was.

It was then that Harry Potter looked into his eyes and said, “You’re a wizard, Hagrid.”



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  1. vinushavtesh Reply

    YAYYYYY!! It’s finally out. It’s nice that your fan fiction is centred around Hagrid. His story was never complete and did not evolve that much too, throughout the series. Good stuff!

  2. leisuresuitlarry Reply

    Tears! Buckets of tears!!! And the last line was just perfect.

  3. shae Reply

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this story and how it centers around Hagrid! You truly captured the spirit of each character and made Hagrid’s story perfectly complete–right down to Harry telling Hagrid “you’re a wizard, Hagrid!” That was a perfect last line and “Nox” was a nice touch too!! Please keep writing and sharing your gift with the world! Many blessings to you!! :)

  4. Darlene B Reply

    I Don’t read fan fiction.I read this and it is wonderful very well written.This had one problem it was to short.

    • malayfromindia Post authorReply

      To be honest, I had goosebumps when I wrote it, because I think it’s part of something much bigger than just me. Thanks for the love :)

  5. LR Reply

    OMG!!! This was absolutely perfect! Every detail just right. I cried the whole time and I can’t wait to share it with my kids and HP loving friends!
    I’d like to see this in a new movie! ☺

    • malayfromindia Post authorReply

      Thank you so much for all the love! I really appreciate it. Please go ahead and share. (And if you know someone who’s looking for a good script for a movie, hit me up :P)

  6. Rae Hadley Reply

    I LOVED this. It’s about time this wrong was corrected. Well done, and thank you for writing it.

  7. Marie Reply

    Beautiful! Had me in absolute tears! Hagrid never did get justice in the series, and i’ve yet to see hide or hair of him in the new content thats been released. Miss him!

  8. Kendra Reply

    Oh, love! This is what I always wanted for Hagrid. I’ve imagined it so much i love your story it’s near perfect!

  9. Missy 2.0 (Frozen forever) Reply

    This was the one of most well written fanfictions I have ever read, it almost seemed like an excerpt from the actual book. Write on my dearest malayfromindia. I look forward to what else you may spin.

  10. shirley doughty Reply

    Wow!! Just Wow!!! You brought it together just perfectly with the story line and got the characters exactly perfect. I can just /See Hagrid standing there crying his heart out, and how proud the others are for him. Great work.

  11. Alex Reply

    Thank you for writing this! An HP fan friend shared it and then I did. I always wanted this for Hagrid and now it’s happened in the most beautiful of ways!

  12. Mark scira Reply

    Absolutely WELL WRITTEN! !!Loved it! I’d like to read the rest of the story….please! DO go on!

  13. Flash97 Reply

    One of the best short stories I’ve read related to HP. Totally captured the essence of the book and composed it into a one shot that I can totally imagine happening.
    Beautifully written and a genius end. Loved this piece

  14. Jennifer Reply

    Amazing! I absolutely loved it and no I didn’t cry, you’re crying. Jk I totally cried.

  15. Nigerski Reply

    Absolutely brilliant!!! Thank you for letting Hagrid the opportunity to right a wrong, this was so perfect! Now…..where are those Kleenex?

  16. ImUpToNoGood Reply

    Thank you! This made me cry in a good way, like Hagrid and his tears at the end, I adored Harry’s last line, and got sniffly all over again. :)

  17. Carol Gilmore Reply

    Amazing. I got so excited reading it. Miss the HP stories. This would be a fantastic progression of the story!?!

  18. Suzanna Reply

    Had this 67 year-old woman bawling! Loved it. Please keep me informed of any other HP stories you write!

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    This was so good you need to go ahead and run some more about it going to the time he’s at school right a whole story couple books it was so good you did such a wonderful job

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    Ohhh! Thank you! This was so sweet. Hagrid deserves this. Very well done.

  21. Prerna Tarika Diwaker Reply

    I think we’ve found the heir to Rowling. Can you please do justice to Lord Voldemort and write a spin off series on his life story from birth to death? I think we all need clarity on hown Delphini came about.

  22. Lesa Bentley Reply

    I’m crying just as hard as Hagrid!! Thank you so much!! It’s been way to long to find out how he was doing. His story isn’t complete yet. I would love to read more on his time at school!! Please, please take us all there as I know we miss it terribly!!

  23. neethu m Reply

    It was like meeting some very good friends after a long time. You did justice to each and every one of those great characters. Thank you so much. God bless you.

  24. Plabita Reply

    Something like this should have been made into a play, instead of the cursed child. It’s absolutely brilliant. I don’t know who you are, but thank you so much for writing this. :’)

  25. concolor44 Reply

    Excellent. A real joy to read.

    This, my friend, is a stellar example of a Legitimate Fan-Fiction.

    What, you want to know, makes it legitimate? Glad you asked. There are two varieties of Legitimate Fan-Fiction:
    1. The source material is canon for the story … all of it. Much, MUCH too often, writers play fast and loose with the background. They change the basic nature of the characters, or put everything in a different universe or something. Something radically different from the source material. But HERE, you dovetailed this story neatly and expertly into accepted canon. All the main players were in character. The Plot was logically developed from what everyone else knows of the HP universe. The result was a flawless extension of the lives of those involved. Beautifully done.
    2. The source material is canon up to a point where a critical decision is made … and then an alternate path is developed. This is the “What If” story, the Quantum Point Divergence. The Butterfly Effect. I have seen hundreds of examples of this that were AT LEAST as well executed as the source material. In the HP environment, this could be accomplished (and has been) by having Harry TALK to the dragon in the TWT (He’s a Parselmouth. It’s not much of a stretch.) instead of battling it. That would have snowballing repercussions down the road. Or Snape could have decided to let go of his hatred for James, instead concentrating on the affection he had for Lily. That would have significantly altered his interactions with Harry. And on and on and on.

    HOWEVER … no matter how well-written the story might be, if the author makes Harry a Henrietta instead, and she falls in love with Draco-In-Leather-Pants, and Hogwarts is located in western Colorado, and they have an ongoing feud with the Fey realm over the misuse of magic, and the US government is trying to infiltrate so they can take over everyone’s mind …

    You see the problem here? That is NOT Fan-Fiction. It’s Original Fiction decorated with a few cardboard cutouts of well-known characters. It may be quite entertaining, technically pristine, and gripping in its plot dynamics. That’s not the point. Fan-Fiction exists because the fans love the setting and/or characters and want to expand upon canon. That being said, why would a writer want to depart so radically from the source material? Just call it an original work and be done with it.

    That’s why THIS little gem is so quintessentially Legitimate. You got it all right. I salute you!


  26. Aum Reply

    I bawled like Hagrid…… The beauty…. The innocence. I always knew it coming

  27. Jameson Reply

    loved it did not know where that was going loved it
    i was keeped on my toes

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