Flying Kites

One day we went out to
Fly kites

Just outside the village
To the cliff that overlooked the river
Sheltered by the infinite blue
Cloudless sky
And the lazy, late-afternoon sun
It was, after all, time to go play

Once on the cliff, we met the winds
Blowing away to the east
We wasted not a moment, my friends and I
As we raised our kites to the heavens,
Letting go of the glass-lined string
Little by little.

And we flew.

Little coloured paper birds,
Specks against the sky
Flying, soaring
Stirring ripples into the sky
With our dreams;
Tethered to the earth by a thread
Steered by our hands.

In all senses we flew.
For an hour, maybe two.

And then, of a sudden
The winds were not alone, for
Now, with them came,
The sonorous call of the muezzin
Calling for prayers…

Slowly the kites were reeled in,
All but one – mine.
My friends left me for a while,
On the cliff overlooking the river
With my lonely kite in the sky…

But I wasn’t scared;
They would be back soon…

One thought on “Flying Kites

  1. Missy 2.0 Reply

    Whimsical, a lingering feel of nostalgia. My heart beat faster, and I felt adventure calling, now I want to go, outside.

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